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We are ADSAMY, A Digital Marketing Agency
that is established in 2021.

Adsamy Marketing Agnecy, Adsamyagency

We are ADSAMY, A Digital Marketing Agency that is established in 2021. We Help You Establish Your Online Identity and Reach More Customers.

We understand that every brand has unique needs, and Digital Marketing is all about using data to realize marketing objectives. It is the art of using consumer insights to formulate marketing strategies targeted at particular groups of customers online.Digital marketers leverage digital channels such as search engines, social media, emails, websites and Apps to help their clients connect with existing and potential customers.


Leadership in creating and developing creative software ideas at the level of the Arab region and the world at large, We strive to provide high-quality professional technical software services at competitive prices, exceeding customer expectations.

Our team works with businesses to help them achieve their marketing goals. Besides providing innovative services and using proven methods, we give your customers that “aha, I’ve found it” feeling when they come across the marketing channels, we have helped you with.

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CEO Speech
Ahmed Samy CEO

"By working together—and only together—do we succeed." Welcome to Adsamy! After earning my Bachelor degree, I decided to become a Marketer. I've started several companies of my own and sold them for a substantial profit and worked as marketing manager in some of big companies as Mercan Group which had 3 branches in USA, Canada and Dubai. This led to an offer to head one of the largest Marketing Agency in Dubai. we turned a profit of 28%, and that increased by at least 12% annually.